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10 Halloween Crafts For Kids

Halloween is just around the corner and why not let your creative side flow this holiday? These crafts are not only fun, but they’re also suitable for people of all ages. Whether you’re creating them at home, in school, or with friends you’re guaranteed to enjoy yourself!

Here are 10 fun and easy Halloween crafts:

  1. Toilet Paper Bat
Make a fun toilet paper roll bat for a Halloween craft this year! It’s pretty simple to make and you can hang them up for some Halloween decorations

2. Paper Plate Ghost

A fun and super easy Halloween craft you can do with the kids!

3. DIY Halloween Flashlight

These DIY Halloween Flashlight Projections are already a favorite of my daughters and I know they can’t wait to take them along while trick or treating on Halloween night.

4. Paper Plate Witch

Halloween is coming and we all know witches are a big thing! We decided to make a paper plate witch craft using their handprints! It turned out really cute and kids can make their witch look meaner if they wanted.

5. Wooden Spoon Bats

This wooden spoon bat craft is such a fun project for Halloween. You can make them in less than half an hour, and even with the painting, the mess isn’t that bad as long as you work on a foil lined baking sheet. The kids can make the bat wings flap while they fly the bats through the air. Or you could even hang them on the wall as a fun Halloween decoration.

6. Ghost Leaves

Here is a fun craft for the kids to make this Fall, and you don’t even need paper.

7. Yarn Wrapped Mummy

This yarn wrapped mummy craft is perfect for little ones to work on strengthening those fine motor muscles in their fingers and hands and it is also makes an awesome Halloween craft for kids of all ages. Try hanging several of them up together on a string to make a spooky border for Halloween decor too. One thing is certain, kids will love making this yarn wrapped mummy craft!

8. Cotton Ball Ghosts

Welcome to day five of our week of Halloween craft ideas for kids. Here is a super simple and easy Halloween craft for preschoolers or even toddlers.

9. Party Cup Monsters

The holidays are a great time for creating family memories and making some fun crafts. I love finding and creating kids halloween craft projects because my kids are completely into doing art projects. So we recently created our very own Halloween monster friends with these fun and creepy cups!

10. Chinese Jack o Lantern

My kids love making their own holiday decorations. This simple Halloween craft is a fun twist on a paper Chinese lantern — it’s a Chinese Jack-O-Lantern! This is super simple to make and can be adapted for even the youngest kids.



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