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10 Disney Inspired Snack Recipes

Who doesn’t love Disney? It’s even better when there’s food involved too! This collection follows 10 Disney inspired desserts, snacks, and party treat recipes.

1. Cinderella’s Pumpkin Sugar Cookies

While these cookies look intricate and detailed, they are super easy to make and the design we chose was very forgiving. Just be sure to let the icing set and take a minute after decorating your first cookie to see how the icing is reacting. If it’s bleeding and spreading, the icing is either too thin or the layer underneath it hasn’t dried yet. Observe and adjust for your best results.
2. Dumbo Circus Cupcakes
At the parks, they have cute Dumbo Cupcakes with White Chocolate Dumbo’s on them, so this is my cheater version! You could definitely dip the animal crackers in white chocolate before using them to garnish.

3. Alice and Wonderland Cookies

I have an obsession with Alice in Wonderland: all those kooky characters, the fanciful Wonderland, the ridiculous situations, the memorable quotes, the interesting symbolism, and all that crazy nonsense just appeal to me.

4. Cinderella Magic Wand Rice Krispies Treats

In the movie, there is no giant star on the end of the wand. But, these wands are whimsical & fun (just like the Fairy Godmother) and the blue tones of course go with Cinderella’s beautiful ball gown. Kids will love them and they really are quite easy to make – just a regular batch of rice krispies treats (cut in stars), dipped in white chocolate/white candy coating and covered in sanding sugar!

5. Minnie Mouse Oreo Cookies

They are super simple to make and so delicious to eat. These Minnie Oreos are the perfect way to surprise your kids that they’re going to Disney or for a Minnie Mouse or Disney themed birthday party.

6. Donald Duck Cupcakes

I realized I’ve never had a Disney birthday cake, so that pretty much answered the question. And Donald Duck is my spirit animal, so he was the obvious choice for theme. I had originally intended to make a whole cake, but I have a wee baby Donald tsum tsum, and he kept whispering ‘cupcakes’ at me. So I made cupcakes. Of course.

7. Mickey Rise Krispies Treats

One of the most iconic treats at the Disney Parks, the chocolate-dipped Mickey Head Rice Krispie treat always manages to make it’s way into our collection of souvenirs to take home. It’s a super-easy treat to make at home – as a fun lunch box treat or a way to build excitement for your upcoming Disney vacation.

8. Lightning McQueen Oreos

If you have a Cars fan in your house, then these colorful Lightning McQueen Oreos are a guaranteed hit! These Cars-inspired Oreo cookies are perfect for a Cars birthday party, lunchbox treat, or just for fun!

9. Beauty and the Beast Oreo Cookies

These Disney’s Beauty and the Beast Chocolate Dipped Oreo Cookies are easy to make for a Beauty and the Beast party or movie night!

10. Baymax Cupcake

In celebration of the movie release, I created these Baymax Cupcakes for you to enjoy as you watch the movie at home!  Think of all the smiles and giggles your kids will have when they see these adorable things.  They’re EASY too!



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