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5 Movie Inspired Popcorn Recipes

Popcorn makes for a great treat, whatever the flavour! Why not try something new with these easy 5 popcorn recipes? They make for perfect party treats, or just as a movie night snack.

1. Cookie Monster Popcorn

Yummy and adorable Cookie Monster Popcorn – sweet and salty popcorn mixed with mini cookies and googly monster eyes. Fun and delicious, a great combination!

2. Trolls Popcorn

Our Trolls Popcorn is a fun and delicious party treat.  And it is so easy to make.  Your family will be so happy they will give you Troll hug after Troll hug after Troll hug!

3. Grinch Popcorn

I have no idea if they have Grinch Popcorn in Who-ville or not, but I think that they should. I mean really, who doesn’t love chocolate covered popcorn? As you can see my crazy Grinch inspired recipes are continuing and they seem to be a big hit, which makes me very happy, and it’s really fun seeing the visions in my head become reality, lol

4. Finding Dory Popcorn

This chocolate covered popcorn recipe is fairly simple to make. I used Wilton candy melts and Finding Dory sprinkles. That’s it! Super easy and quick to make.

5. Chewbacca Caramel Corn

Homemade and delicious, Chewbacca Caramel Corn is so easy to make. Make a batch for the Wookies in your life!



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