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5 Rainbow Sweet Treat Recipes

Everyone loves a rainbow, everyone loves a snack too! There are so many great ideas that are perfect for rainbow themed parties, or even just to make as a pass time with your kids. I’ve gathered a list of 5 rainbow treat recipes.

1. Rainbow Rice Krispie Treats

This recipe isn’t challenging, it’s just a little bit more time consuming. But the satisfaction you get by just looking at your near perfect rainbow will be worth it. Did I mention the kids will love them too?

2. Rainbow Jello Cups

These Rainbow Jello Cups are a fun treat to share for a side dish, snack or dessert! Only two ingredients!

3. Rainbow Waffles

Rainbow waffles are a magically delicious way to start off your day. These colorful waffles are perfect for Sunday brunch, birthday parties, sleepovers, or for St. Patrick’s Day breakfast. The kids will agree, rainbow food is fantastic!

4. Rainbow Fudge

This Rainbow Fudge is super easy but will wow everyone!  So easy the kids can do it!

5. Rainbow Skittles Ice Cream

It’s like the rainbow of awesome landed on an ice cream cone and brought me Skittles wrapped in a package that’s sweet…and dairy-free…and gluten-free.



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