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5 Alcoholic Truffle Recipes

Truffles are one of my favourite things to eat – combine that with alcohol and you’re on to a winner! With a recipe to follow, homemade truffles can be heavenly and super rewarding to make. Here are 5 delicious alcoholic truffle recipes.

1. Prosecco Truffles

If you enjoy a glass or two of prosecco, you are going to love these Prosecco Truffles. A light prosecco flavoured centre encased in creamy milk chocolate, these chocolate truffles are rich and luxurious and surprisingly easy to make.

2. Gin and Toni’s Truffles

Gin and Tonic Truffles – the perfect homemade Christmas gift. Ideal for a gin or chocolate lover in your life!

3. Baileys Strawberry Truffles

Delicious Homemade Truffles with Baileys Strawberries and Cream, a White Chocolate Coating, and Freeze Dried Strawberries. Baileys Strawberry Truffles are the BEST!

4. Red Wine Truffles

Here’s a decadent treat for chocolate + wine lovers:  Red Wine Truffles

5. Boozy Ginger Truffles

Inspired by a classic cocktail, these boozy Ginger Truffles feature rum, ginger & lime. Dark, bittersweet chocolate works in harmony with the cocktail flavours to deliver bite sized velvet soft treats. They are simple to make and a breeze to eat.



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