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20 Beautiful Thanksgiving & Christmas Centrepieces & Decorations

Thanksgiving and Christmas decorations are such an essential part of the holiday season. While you are preparing a big feast, why not make some gorgeous decorations?

Here’s a list of 20 thanksgiving and Christmas decorations. Most of them can be made from nature clippings and things you have around your house!

1. Christmas Luminaries

This year, I’ve been short on time which means my holiday decorating is even more simple than normal. I’m much later in getting things done around here, but I’m OK with that. Why let it create even more stress, right? That’s where these 5 Minute DIY Christmas Luminaries will really come in handy.

2. Wine Cork Pumpkin

Wondering what to do with all those spare corks you have hanging around? Why not make a pumpkin to celebrate fall? You only need about 30 minutes and a few supplies and the result is an adorable table decoration you can enjoy year after year.

3. Glitter Pumpkins

I LOVE glitter.   If you give me the choice between two things, one of them plain and one of them sparkly, I will always choose sparkle.  When I decided to take some fake pumpkins and repurpose them, I went no further than my glitter collection.  I think they turned out fantastic.  Even Nancy who doesn’t love all things glitter like I do (I know it’s hard to believe we are sisters), thinks they are adorable.  These DIY Glitter Pumpkins turned out to be an easy and inexpensive project that is also a high impact decoration that you can use for Fall, Halloween or Thanksgiving.

4. DIY Christmas Centrepiece

A beautiful Christmas centerpiece is the shortcuts to make your home feel instantly happy and festive!

5. Thanksgiving Table Decoration

6. Snowy Pine Cone Winter Jars

Make pretty winter luminaries that appear to be covered with freshly fallen snow using snow texture paint! Oh so gorgeous and perfect for the holidays, they are very easy to make. They will look great all lit up on your holiday table, on the mantle or even lining the walk to your door.

7. Creative Cake Stands

8. Fall Floral Design

A few weeks ago I created this easy step by step centerpiece for  Washingtonian. They created a fabulous slide show with a DIY tutorial and that can be seen here.

9. Autumn Centrepiece

I made a centerpiece for my dining table that literally took less than 5 minutes and cost nothing!  The pictures, staging, and post took longer than the actual project.  Thankfully I am SO pleased with the results and now my dining table is complete for the Fall season.  Here’s a sneak peak of the final outcome, but let me take you through the steps so you can make one for your table!

10. Pinecone Kissing Ball

What I love instead of wreaths are smaller winter decor pieces – like the kissing ball.  You can find kissing balls all over the place this time of year (and also during wedding season!) and today I’m going to show you how you can make your own pine cone DIY kissing ball.

11. DIY Christmas Tree

I was roaming the aisles of JoAnn’s with sparkly trees on the brain when I spotted these plastic cones for dirt cheap. I have no idea what they are actually for, but when I saw them I thought Christmas tree!

12. Centrepiece Box

Need a last minute centerpiece for your Thanksgiving table?  And want to make it to be something you can use all year long?  Then I have just the thing with this EASY, painted + distressed centerpiece with chalkboard labels so you can customize it and label it for any holiday or event.

13. Rosemary Table Wreath

If you still have rosemary in your garden, why not create a mini wreath. All you need is floral wire, twine, and a fresh sprig of rosemary.

14. DIY Fur Letters

FUR LETTERS you can make on your own – DIY, easy, quick and such festive holiday decor!! It will definitely make your Holiday decor unique!

15. Cinnamon Scented Pinecones

Decorating with cinnamon-scented pinecones is a terrific way to both bathe your home in the intoxicating fragrance as well as bring a bit of nature indoors. Here are two easy ways to make your own cinnamon pinecones without having to pay retail price.

16. DIY Branch Christmas Tree

Today we have a very, very simple DIY project! The instructions are very simple but the post itself is very picture heavy. I had to take some pretty pictures of the tree!

17. DIY Tree Shaped Shelf

Handmade is special, it’s sustainable, it’s local. Handmade rocks!  I encourage you to make at least one gift this year, and I’m here to entice you with a brand new plan as part of our Handbuilt Holiday series.

18. Apple Candles

This is the perfect centerpiece for your fall table! These festive apple candles are one of my favorite DIY fall decor pieces. Quick and easy, it takes about 10 minutes and 10 dollars to create this beautiful seasonal tablescape!

19. Frosty Pine Cones

There are some crafts that I remember doing when I was a girl that are now pretty iconic as childhood classics! This Frosty Pinecone Craft is one of those and I expect the majority of adults reading this have done it or a variation of it in their own childhood too.

20. Candle Table Decor

Looking for a fast and easy decoration for your tabletop for fall?  What could be easier than this hurricane lamp popcorn table decoration? This pretty vignette is made from supplies you may have on hand or outside and looks wonderful on the dining room table.  It is perfect for a fall table and can be used right through the holiday season.



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