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15 Delicious Thanksgiving Apple Recipes

Apples and thanksgiving go hand in hand, and no matter how much you eat this holiday there’s always room for dessert! Apple pies can be delicious, but why not try something different? In this list you’ll find 15 apple recipes – from cookies, to pudding, to blondies. Pick one that you want to make this holiday season and I’m sure it’ll go down a treat.

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1. Baked Apples with Maple Pecans

Article image from – everydayhealthyrecipes

These Easy Baked Apples with Maple Pecans are a delicious way to enjoy seasonal fruit.  This simple, healthy dessert is perfect for entertaining .  Great for Halloween, Thanksgiving or anytime you want a quick and easy, delicious treat.

Get the full recipe here.


2. Apple Cranberry Pie

Article image from – sallysbakingaddiction

Cranberries, apples, cinnamon spice, and a buttery homemade pie crust makes this apple cranberry pie one of my favorite fall recipes.

Get the full recipe here.


3. Harvest Apple Bread

Article image from – melissassouthernstylekitchen

This dense and decadent Harvest Apple Bread is a real treat any time of year. The homemade batter is filled with pecans, coconut and chopped apple giving it an irresistible texture and flavor to boot.

Get the full recipe here.


4. Apple Raisin Harvest Cake

Article image from – garlicandzest

This harvest cake is like a flash mob of autumn flavors – it comes from nowhere and demands your immediate attention!  Dominated by cinnamon, nutmeg and allspice, with loads of shredded apple, copious amounts of crunchy walnuts, some golden raisins and maybe a little rum (sly grin).  I can’t say it’s a light, delicate confection, because it isn’t.

Get the full recipe here.


5. Apple Hand Pies

Article image from – twopeasandtheirpod

Apple Hand Pies-these mini apple pies are the perfect fall treat. They are fun to make and fun to eat! 

Get the full recipe here.


6. Apple Cake With Butterscotch Sauce

Article image from – simplystacie

This Apple Cake with Butterscotch Sauce cannot be anymore perfect. The combination screams fall, doesn’t it? Apple desserts are always a hit this time of year. Add in a little butterscotch sauce and you have a dessert made in heaven.

Get the full recipe here.


7. Mini Apple Strudels

Article image from – cakewhiz

Quick and easy apple strudel recipe, requiring simple ingredients like puff pastry and apple pie filling. Ready in 30 minutes. Great Thanksgiving dessert.

Get the full recipe here.


8. Apple Pie Skillet Cobbler

Article image from – anniesnoms

This Apple Pie Skillet Cobbler is a hybrid of two fantastic desserts! An apple pie filling is baked in a skillet with a crumbly cobbler topping to create one seriously epic and tasty dessert!

Get the full recipe here.


9. Toffee Apple Cake

Article image from – patisseriemakesperfect

A rich cake full of dessert apples and toffee sauce. Perfect with some cream and a cup of tea.

Get the full recipe here.


10. Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal Cookies

Article image from – sallysbakingaddiction

These soft and chewy apple cinnamon oatmeal cookies have crisp edges and tons of flavor!

Get the full recipe here.


11. Apple Crisp

Article image from – justapinch

This apple crisp is so good, delicious may not be a strong enough adjective. We’d say it’s amazing. We couldn’t wait for it to bake based on the aroma wafting from the oven – it just smells of autumn. The different textures and flavors from the apples make this special. With just the right amount of spice and crunch, the crisp topping is perfect.

Get the full recipe here.


12. Apple Maple Blondies

Article image from – number-2-pencil

Apple Maple Blondies are perfect for fall. Fresh apples combined with pure maple syrup and a sprinkle of cinnamon and toasted pecans. 

Get the full recipe here.


13. Apple Pie Bread Pudding

Article image from – temeculablogs

Apple pie bread pudding is what we’re calling this but you can just call it delicious!! The perfect Fall dessert with only 5 main ingredients. So. Easy!

Get the full recipe here.


14. Salted Caramel Apple Sheet Cake Recipe

Article image from – backyard-eden

This delicious apple cake is beyond moist and has caramel frosting infused in each and every bite. This cake literally melts in your mouth!

Get the full recipe here.


15. Apple Bundt Cake With Spiced Caramel

Article image from – domesticgothess

A moist, lightly spiced apple bundt cake topped with a luscious spiced caramel glaze.

Get the full recipe here.



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