I’m a strong believer in self care and I think all of us need to practice it more. If your days are always full, then I think it’s time you take a little bit of ‘me time’. Here’s a list of 30 inexpensive and simple ways to practice self care.

1. Put on a face mask

2. Binge watch your favourite TV series

3. Go for a walk to clear your mind

4. Leave yourself a love note

5. Do some meditation

6. Have a short nap

7. Draw or color in

8. Read your favourite book

9. Go to sleep early than usual

10. Take a long bath or shower

11. Listen to your favourite songs

12. Drink some herbal tea

13. Write in a journal/diary

14. Turn your phone off for a few hours

15. Eat mindfully

16. Listen to a podcast

17. Exercise for at least 10 minutes

18. Light a scented candle

19. Have a declutter session

20. Write down 10 things you’re grateful for

21. Stretch

22. Visit or call a friend

23. Try a new recipe

24. Plan a spa day

25. Create a vision board

26. Make some infused water with your favourite fruit

27. Get a new plant for your house/room

28. Do some yoga

29. Visit a museum

30. Go on a coffee date with yourself

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