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Finding productivity even in small daily tasks is really exhilarating. My goal is that after this post, you can take away one or two of these tips and apply them to your daily life.

Recently I’ve been obsessed with podcasts, especially Jenna Kutcher’s podcast, the ‘Goaldigger Podcast’. She’s a breath of fresh air and always leaves me feeling refreshed on her very much needed advice. I wrote this post with her in mind:

  1. Start with a positive mindset. Your mindset is everything, control your thoughts and you’ll have better control over your day. 
  2. Begin with writing down your daily intentions for the day. That could be something as small as getting through the day. Picking up your dry cleaning or making dinner for your family [on a hectic Monday]. If you look back at what you’ve accomplished for that day and see you were able to do those small goals, you’ll be really proud and feel that much better about having gotten through the day.
  3. Carry around a little notebook, in your backpack, purse, car. I just got one from Anthropologie and the truth is, it was LIFE changing. I can now do something referred to as “brain dump”. You write everything down that’s in your mind in an attempt to clear it and focus on the task at hand. It’s worked wonders so far. I can’t take credit for that, it was Jenna who first mentioned it in her podcast. Theseare really cute! 
  4. Set small realistic goals, these are the same goals that you write in rule # 2. If you set an attainable goal, you’ll much more likely to accomplish and not be overwhelmed by the task itself.
  5. Remember: Youare doing the best you can. Don’t be so hard on yourself. We are always our own worst critics! 

I hope you found these tips helpful! I’d love to see your little ‘brain dump’ journals and see what you have accomplished thus far! 

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