The Skin Benefits Of Seaweed

This is a guest post by Marie from Friend Coach.

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Multi-step skincare regimes are gaining a lot more attention now across the beauty industry and with a lot of vloggers. Markets are diversifying and people expect quality and results. There are thousands of brands to choose from and plenty of choice for any skin type, with more ranges now being produced for specific lifestyles such as vegan, organic and environmentally friendly products. People are much more aware of their carbon footprints and the quality of the ingredients in their products.

Between snake or snail oil, bird’s nests or charcoal – you’ve probably heard of a lot of the weird and wonderful ingredients that are coming more and more into mainstream lines! If you think about it, your skin is your largest organ. Why wouldn’t you want something as naturally pure and nutritious as you could find? Sometimes exotic things are really cool to try as they have novelty attached to them. Plus.. who doesn’t love an amazing spa day where you feel pampered and plush throughout?

One thing that is local to a lot of us in the UK, along with most people in the world who are close to a coastline, is seaweed. This often forgotten beauty is so organic, so rich in minerals and nutrients, and so unbelievably sustainable and accessible! Seaweed blooms in seasons and soaks up and absorbs all the best minerals, amino acids, anti oxidants, vitamins and essential fatty acids from the sea. A recipe for success I dare say, for gorgeously glowing skin!

Having heard from a friend about a luxury range of skincare made using seaweed as an essential ingredient, I just had to try it out – and was super impressed with the results. Ishga skincare are a Hebridean company and derive their key ingredients from natural sources. My skin was a lot cleaner feeling, smoother and looked visibly healthier after using their Active Seaweed Cleansing Lotion and Hebridean Marine Toner for a month. However, the Regenerating Organic Face Serum has to be, hands down, the winner of the lot. This took my skin to a whole other level. It is not heavy or too sticky, but blends lightly into your skin after the toner has set. It invigorates by causing less dryness, giving a nice glow to your face and a light and healthy feel. Also, it doesn’t lie thick on your skin so when you work out you don’t get that weird feeling when you sweat that you are wearing a face mask. This is now an essential step I have incorporated into my skincare regime and well worth it. Although one bottle is £63 it is a worthwhile investment as it lasts so long and really does enhance your skin’s appearance.

If you’re looking for a new step to add into your own regime, you should definitely give this a try. Also great for gifts! Something unique, of very high quality and completely organic.

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