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If you’re like me, you have to remind yourself to take some time for YOU. I get caught up with work, blogging, and my social life and forget to spend some time with myself. 


When I was in undergrad, I realized that “me time” was very important for me (and my sanity). Along the way, I’ve come up with some of my favorite “self-care” tips that help me to de-stress and enjoy life more. 


Try some of these out! I promise they will only improve your life. Let me know any other self-care tips you have in the comments below!


1. Get Moving

Being active has helped my life in so many ways. I look better, feel better, and it helps me to relieve so much stress. You can go to the gym, or get active in the comfort of your own home. Getting out of the house and driving all the way to the gym just doesn’t work with my busy life right now, so I prefer to find a fitness video on YouTube and follow along in my living room (with the help from my 2 dogs of course). I feel SO much better once I’ve completed even a 15 minute workout! I aim for 4 workouts a week!


2. Say “No”

This is something I struggled with for a long time. I was always a “yes” girl. I said yes to everything that was asked of me, from dinner plans, to watching someone’s children for them, to running errands for other people.

I’ve learned that it’s okay to say no to people, and that people aren’t going to hate you for it! If you are stressed out or just too busy at the moment, say no! Prioritize yourself first!


3. Establish a Morning Routine

This has helped me so much! Waking up early enough to have some “me time” in the mornings is an absolute must for me. It makes my days go by so much smoother, and just puts me in a better mood in the morning! I highly suggest you establish your own morning routine that works for you! I describe my morning routine on my blog in detail if you want an idea of what my mornings look like.


4. Pamper Yourself

This could mean so many different things. For me, I like to set aside one night every few weeks to really pamper myself. This usually includes a long, warm bath while watching Netflix or listening to music, followed by a face mask and painting my nails. If I’m really lucky, I can even convince my boyfriend to give me a massage or back scratch 😉 

I promise this time to yourself to decompress will greatly improve your mood and stress levels. Do yourself a favor and plan a pamper night right now!


5. Get Dressed Up

This is one of my favorite things to do. Look good, feel good, right? I really enjoy putting on a super cute outfit, along with styling my hair, and completely beating my face (with makeup of course). 

Sometimes I’ll even sit down and get ready when I have absolutely nowhere to go! It can be relaxing and just helps me to feel better about myself. 


6. Drink More Water 

I struggle with this one. I have weeks where I do really good, and then I’ll fall off for awhile. But let me tell you, when I consistently drink tons of water (I aim for 75 oz. per day), I can really tell a difference, mainly in my skin. Guys, my skin is ridiculously clear, smooth, and glowy when I drink plenty of water. I also just feel better and more energized!


7. Write/Journal

This is one of my favorite things to do when I need to take some time for myself! You can be creative and write a poem or a blog post, or you can just pour all of your feelings out on paper! It’s so therapeutic and makes me feel so good!


8. Detox from Technology

 Shut your phone and laptop off for a few hours on a Sunday afternoon. You can write, read a book, spend some time outside. The options are endless. Just completely unplug, and forget about all the stressors that exist on the other end of that cellphone. 


9. Declutter

One of my favorite things to do when I’m stressed out! When I’m feeling completely a mess, I love to declutter and reorganize my house! I usually do one room at a time, and go through everything! Every drawer, closet, and everywhere in between. I sit aside things to donate or give to my friends, and find ways to better organize the things I’m going to keep. When my life is organized, it helps my mental health so much!



10. Stretch

Ok I never realized how important stretching was until my father told me to start doing it everyday. He stretches every single morning, even if he’s not being active that day. I’ll admit I’m not as faithful with it as he is, but I aim for 3-5 times a week. I’ve noticed myself gaining flexibility, and it’s so relaxing! Almost like meditation!


11. Go for a Walk

Go for a walk, run, or bike ride outside. Just get outdoors! I notice, especially in the cold months, that I spend so much of my time inside. Lately I take my pups and just go on a short walk around our neighborhood. I don’t take my headphones so I can’t listen to music. I just enjoy the outdoors and fully take in my surroundings. Fresh air can do glorious things for the soul. 


12. Schedule/To Do Lists

Being organized in general helps me destress so much. Even if I don’t end up doing everything on my to-do list (which I’m the queen of doing), just writing down everything I need to get done is so helpful. I like having everything written out in one place, so I don’t feel like I’m always forgetting something!


13. Watch a Feel-Good TV Show 

One of my favorite things to do. Every night, about 30 minutes before I’m ready to shut my lights out, I like to turn on Netflix and watch a feel-good TV show while cuddled up in bed with my dogs. This can really be any show you desire, but I prefer something that doesn’t take a lot of concentrating and is just an “easy watch.” Lately, I’m hooked on the Great British Baking Show.

I hope you guys found some of these self-care tips helpful. Ultimately, I just want to stress how important it is for you to make time for yourself! 

Leave me other self-care suggestions in the comments!


xo Live Stella Jane

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