When learning a new hobby, it can be surprising to know that it can help more than just making something for the house or someone that you love. As someone who has picked up crocheting within the past 2 months, I have realized many benefits coming from it. Some things I did expect and some things I never would have believed that would come from a simple hobby like crocheting. Gathering together my top 5 ways that crocheting can improve mental health was very easy. I am living proof that they are all true. 



1. Crocheting Helps Anxiety

At first I didn’t believe this at all. Until one day I was having a really bad anxiety attack and desperately needed something mundane to do that would calm me down. I picked up the current project that I was working on, focused on the simple stitches and it almost instantly relaxed me. Because it gave me something else to really focus on and nothing too complicated, I felt much better a lot quicker than usual with anything else that I’ve ever tried.




2. Crocheting Helps With Depression

For a long time I suffered from depression. It started from a small bout of unemployment and continued for a while. Since I’ve picked up crocheting, I am definitely happier. And it is not just me. Because crocheting has a tendency to make you feel better about yourself and releases dopamine in your brain which helps us to feel happier.




3. There’s No Longer a Sense Of Loneliness

Crocheting, or any craft in particular, can bring a sense of community. Joining groups that enjoy the same craft as you, especially in particular local ones, can make friends that you never thought you’d make. I found a local group at a restaurant. I saw that they had yarn and took a chance and went up to them. Turns out they were crocheters as well and invited me to join them!




4. Crocheting Builds Up Your Self Esteem

Making a project where you chose the colors, the size of the hook, and the project idea itself will definitely help build up your self esteem. And not to mention when you finish the project, be it a blanket, scarf, or hat, you feel accomplished and proud. There is also an added joy when you give the project whatever it may be to someone else and then seeing them wear it. I gave a scarf I made to my sister and seeing her wear it, it felt so wonderful that I made something actually useful.




5. Crocheting Is My Personal Therapy

I love to spend time crocheting, blogging about what I’m crocheting, and definitely buying yarn for my next project!

Crocheting can give you something to do when you have free time, when you can’t sleep, and even together with a group. Even if it isn’t crocheting in particular, picking up a hobby that you truly enjoy can be extremely beneficial for your mental health.

So if you crochet, knit, whittle, or whatever you decide to do, keep it up! Because you’re doing a great thing for your body and mind. I hope you enjoyed these 5 useful ways that crocheting can improve mental health.


This is a guest post by Aimee from Rainy Blue Eyes.

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