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We often highlight the importance of creating and maintaining a healthy and happy mind, but our surroundings highly influence this. If our surroundings are making us unhappy and/or unhealthy, it’s going to be more difficult to culminate a positive mindset.

So, here are 4 ways I’ve thought of that can help you create a healthy home:

De-clutter: A clear space helps to create a clear mind. It’s key to ensure that your personal space is kept clean and tidy, as this will ultimately influence how you feel and react. It’s important to think that “if my actions mirror my environment, what environment do I want to create?”. For example, if you’re a writer and wish to sit and be productive on a Sunday afternoon, the pile of washing sat in the corner or the carpet that needs hoovering, is just going to act as an annoying distraction. Having a spring clean and tidy and lighting a relaxing candle, will make for a much more productive and calmer setting.

Incorporate greenery: It’s quite well-known that adding plants and flowers into your home has many benefits. “They release oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide, plants can help to purify the air in your home. Houseplants can remove volatile organic compounds like those that come from cigarette smoke, vinyl, grocery bags, and other common household items.” Succulents are such visually appealing plants, that you can add into any plant pot you like to match your tastes and decor. Flowers also come in so many different beautiful arrangements, that you can personalise your surroundings but also reap the benefits.

Surround yourself with feel good things: This is probably quite self-explanatory, but filling your safe space with all the things you enjoy and cherish is so vital for creating that healthy and happy place. The items you have don’t have to be expensive or extravagant, but meaningful and personal to you. You could fill a bowl full of your favourite fruits, fill a shelf of your favourite books and candles or hang up pictures of your beloved dog. I know personally that I love to make a house a home. Whatever has a positive influence on you, it’s good to pay attention to.

Invite loved ones round: Regardless of how big or small your circle may be, inviting family or friends round is the perfect opportunity to liven your space and show off your home. Many people feel the most relaxed at home, so surrounding yourself with great company will enhance the positivity attached to that place. A night in with a friend, a family BBQ in summer or a night cooking with your partner will allow you to make great memories that you can revisit just by walking around your own home.

There are various ways to make your home healthier, but here are just 4 ways that you can incorporate immediately. Home is where the heart is.

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