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You read the tittle and you think how is this even possible? Am I mad? No, I am not. I am thankful for everything that happened to me. Even for my anxiety and depression.

Everything started almost 7 years ago, I got my first panic attack. The attacks started and I got constant anxiety. I could hardly breathe. A few years ago after a traumatic period in my life depression came into my life. On top of all that I had an eating disorder. Life was really hard. Because of the depression I even got suicidal thoughts which was the hardest part of the journey because I am a positive and optimistic person. I wanted to live, I loved living.

I knew I had a serious problem. Something had to change. My life was a mess. All I was thinking about was my mental health. Of course, I didn’t want to drink pills till the rest of my life. That’s why I decided to completely transform my whole life. The stressed and depressed over weighted girl had to go. I needed to start loving life again.

At the first the changes was small. I started eating better throughout the day. Exercises and yoga became a permanent part of my daily life. Meditation and visualization became a daily treat. It was really hard to achieve positive mindset but I did it with a lot of practice. But most of all I knew I had to work on my real problem – start changing my life situation, start living in a different place with the person I loved and start doing something I love because the work I had wasn’t satisfying for me. I also needed to change my relationship with my parents and friends and make it better.

I won’t lie to you – the first month was really hard. I had many moments where I wanted to quit. My mental health was on the edge. I was feeling like crap all the time. But after the first month everything started changing in a good way. I was eating healthier, my sleep improved, I wasn’t shivering for sweets every night, my mental health got stronger and better. I was looking forward to my yoga and exercise practice. I was getting back to normal.

A few months later I was living with the man of my dreams in our own place. My family was happy and our connection got better. I was working on that same place but I was finally ready to start my blog about lifestyle, personal development, wellness, and travel. I was more creative than ever before. My whole life transformed completely. I was in love with it again.

I am sure now you are understanding my thankful-ness about my mental health problems. If I didn’t have anxiety and depression I would never take my life in my own hands and I would never change it. Anxiety and depression are signs that something isn’t right in your life. First, you should see what the real problem is and then you have to start working towards your goals.

I learned so much. Anxiety and depression shaped me into my best version. That’s why I am so thankful.

You are strong and you can be whoever you want to. The first step is always hard but if you go out of your comfort zone for a moment and take that step you are going to see the real beauty of the world around you.

You can be your best version and live the life you always wanted. Don’t let anxiety and depression shape you into something you aren’t. Be thankful for them and let them teach you to be better and stronger.

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