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When I say this is a no fuss makeup routine, I really mean NO FUSS. We’re not even taking time to cover up those dark circles from lack of sleep. This is a “the child won’t stop opening/slamming doors, putting random things in his mouth, the dog won’t stop barking, why is the laundry still wet, and we’re going to be so late” kind of routine. The best part of this is–besides looking like you accomplished semi-putting yourself together for work–is that it’s all affordable! I used to buy all kinds of high end makeup and spend 45 minutes every morning on my beauty routine. It’s drugstore and quick all the way now!


Eyes are super minimal–I usually just swipe on some black mascara. Anyone else feel like you look super sick when you don’t wear mascara? Something just looks…off. So I usually choose the blackest mascara I can find so my lashes stand out the most. My current favorites are the Wet n’ wild Mega Volume Mascara in Very Black and the Loreal Lash Paradise Mascara. Lash Paradise is my absolute favorite. I think it’s been called a dupe for Too Faced’s Better than Sex mascara. I definitely believe it.

Sometimes I’ll put on a little bit of eyeshadow but I keep it super simple. My favorite for this is Wet n’ Wild’s Nude Awakening eye palette. Also, this link is to Amazon’s site…where they have this awesome palette for only $2.84! You can’t even get it at Walmart that cheap!! If you’ve never tried Wet n’ Wild’s eyeshadows, you should. They’re amazing quality that can rival some of the high end shadows. They’re crazy pigmented–but crazy affordable.


Also, ridiculously simple. But if I’m being honest, my brow routine has always been simple. I’ve never been able to figure out how to work eyeliner or those eyebrow pencils. I mean, I always feel like I end up looking like a 80 year old woman who’s just drawn her eyebrows in WAY too dark! So, I’ve always used brow mascaras. My current favorite is NYX Tinted Brow Mascara in Brunette. This is super hard to mess up and I feel like it defines my brows really well.


So onto blush. Like I’ve said, this is simple–so no contouring, highlighting, or anything that takes more than 10 seconds max. The BEST drugstore blush I’ve found so far is Cover Girl’s Instant Cheekbones in Sophisticated Sable. I saw Youtube’s @emilynoel83 going on and on about how this blush looked unassuming but did amazing things for your cheeks. I usually believe anything she says but I admit I was skeptical. It really does look a little blah in the pan. However, it’s AMAZING. I can’t believe I was spending $26 bucks a pop on Tarte blushes before. This blush has 3 shades: a slight shimmer, a matte shade, and a highlighting shade. All of them lean towards the peachy side with a little pink. I mix the shimmer and matte together and it just makes my cheeks look awesome. I look more awake and a lot healthier when I’m wearing this blush. Side note: if you haven’t checked out Emily’s channel, you definitely should! I binge watch her videos–even though I don’t spend a lot of time on my make up anymore. She’s just so sweet and relatable.


Ok, last step! My favorite lip product right now is Physician’s Formula SPF 15 Murumuru Butter Lip Cream in Mauvin’ to Brazil. I honestly picked this out specifically for the color, but turns out I love the formula too. It’s super creamy–I have no idea what murumuru is but, trust me, it’s working for me!

This entire routine takes 2 minutes at most. We’re not trying for beauty queen status here. BUT I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t pretty happy with how I look when it’s done. Now, if I could just find a remedy for the mom bun, I’d be set! If you’re interested in any of these products, just click the links. Amazon has them for really good prices! These are affiliate links so I might receive a small commission.

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