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Using a bullet journal can be more than just using a planner. I have found that using a bullet journal has helped me feel more creative.


Usually, when you hear about using a bullet journal, people are talking about the very minimal method of bullet journaling. It includes minimal spreads and rapid logging and isn’t very pretty. I think that can be very helpful for someone who is just looking to jot stuff down, but that’s not what I’m talking about. The kind of bullet journaling I do and I’m talking about is what I like to call creative bullet journaling.

Creative bullet journaling is using creative spreads to plan. Basically, you’re creating your own planner. I think that using creative bullet journaling can really help boost the creative mind as well as your mood, and can help you track your mood or whatever else you need to track.

1. Boosting Your Creative Mind

Having to create your own spreads for your planner mean that you need to put your creative hat on. I love finding inspiration on Pinterest and then making a spread based on what I need. That’s the beauty of creative bullet journaling. You make it fit exactly what you need. You also get to decorate it. You can practice your doodling, handlettering, coloring. Or, you can use decorative tape to make it your own. You get to design it yourself, using your creativity. You can do daily spreads, weekly spreads, monthly spreads, or a combination of the three. (I personally do monthlies and weeklies and do them a month at a time.)

2. Boosting Your Mood

Opening up your journal and seeing something colorful and expressive can help boost your mood. Also, seeing something that you created yourself is always a mood booster. The biggest reason I see it as a mood booster is because it is meant to be fun and relaxing. Yes, you’re designing your own planner, but that doesn’t mean you have to treat it as a chore. It should be looked at as time to spend with yourself, getting to do something you enjoy, and not having to worry about your responsibilities (at least until you have to write them down).

3. Tracking Mood/Habits/Etc.

This is something that creative bullet journals are known for, tracking. You can track anything from your mood to your sleep cycle, water intake, even your good (or bad) habits! Using a creative bullet journal allows you to track these things so that they’re all in one place. You can track daily (water intake), weekly (cleaning), or monthly (habits, no-spend). You can design whatever kind of tracker you want, just make sure to make it something you want to use.

Now that we’ve gone over some of the benefits, I want to give some advice on creative bullet journaling. I know it can seem scary, but there are benefits to doing it.

1. Don’t Overthink it

Don’t think that your bullet journal has to be perfect from the get-go or that it has to look like the beautiful inspiration spreads you’re going to find online. It’s taken those people a lot of practice to make their journal look like that. I’m not saying to not strive for it, but don’t stress yourself out over it. Everyone has to start somewhere, and it’s not perfection. So just jump into it and get to decorating!

2. Don’t Get Discouraged

There may be some weeks where you get so busy that you neglect your journal. That’s okay! Bullet journaling is basically tracking your life, and sometimes there may be blank days. You may get behind, and that’s okay. Don’t feel under the impression that you have to get it done, you don’t. It’s meant to be fun, not an obligation.

3. You Do YOU!

Just because you see so many spreads online doesn’t mean you have to do them exactly. My advice is to first decide what you want your bullet journal to do for you. Do you want it to be a daily planner? Is it meant to track stuff? Is it going to have a lot of art? After you decide what you want it to be, then look for inspiration that is tailored to what you want. Then, take bits and pieces and create your perfect bullet journal! 

I hope you decide to get started bullet journaling! Don’t take it (or yourself) too seriously!

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