Self Love As A Plus Sized Person

This is a guest post by Kristina from Living Wonder Filled.

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We’ve seen the body confidence and self love movements all over social media, but what does that actually mean? Are plus sized people supposed to instantly feel better, more accepted? If only. While I’d love to say that the simple act of the plus size body being normalized in society is enough, it isn’t. At least for me, as a plus size woman, there was no big aha moment or sudden overflow of confidence. It’s been a long, difficult, trying process. It’s a process that ebbs and flows – I’m not going to be forever confident and forever in a state of 100% self love. Life doesn’t work that way.

What I will do is constantly be trying: trying to love myself, to value and appreciate myself and focus my worth on my own ideas, not someone else’s. Here’s what that actually means.

It means I’m going to find role models and people who inspire me. Some of those are actors and celebrities who look more like me, some are activists fighting to normalize my body type in society.

It means I’m going to live in a way that makes me feel good. That means eating food that feels good to me, being active and practicing yoga. Some days it might mean ice cream for dinner or a long afternoon nap, but I’m going to treat my body well and give it what it asks for.

It means I’m going to surround myself with people who support, challenge and drive me to do and be better. For me those people include yogis, family, freelancer and blogger friends.

It means I’m going to take time for quiet and reflection. Life has a way of taking over way too often, and I lose track of things and get lost in the chaos of everything. I try to take time once a week to reflect, see how I’m feeling and adjust. That could mean saying no to plans or staying off social media for a week. I have to be open to whatever.

Throughout this whole process, I will treat myself and my body with respect, which is what self love truly is. Some days I might look in the mirror with indifference, others I might look in wonder. What I won’t do is feed it negativity and hatred.

For me, that’s what self love truly is.

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