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I like the idea of keeping fit, may that be going gym three times a week, eating healthy, focus on walking and also the calmness of yoga.

Truth is, I cant find the motivation, I read somewhere, do not make new years resolutions that you wont keep, just promise yourself that you will devote sometime to yourself.

Every year, I say to myself that I will save my money, there will be no erratic spending, the need to eat much healthier and yes finally go gym. Are you in the same situation? You sure?

Anyway, I decided not make a resolution for 2019, I however decided to think about my actions, during my time of eating unhealthy food, think twice before am buying that graphic novel, pop vinyl, Blu-ray and vinyl pressing.  Disciplining myself to be good and push myself, easier said than done right? but if I don’t try, I will be back to square one.

Keeping fit, there are so many ways of achieving this; may it be going to the gym, your own smaller exercises within the home, eating health through dietary courses or again through your own way? As an introvert, the thought of the gym made me feel uneasy, not that I am concerned by showing my body, mainly the uneasiness that I cannot totally explain. I suppose these are barriers which I need to overcome.

Motivating yourself to be consistent can be challenging but I feel rewarding.  I have stopped telling myself that I will go to the gym three times a week and start building a great body.  More so that I will visit once a week and ensure I gradually reduce some foods which support me keeping fit.  That once a week may become twice and even three times a week but starting slow with one day would begin a taste for it.

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