5 Ways To Spring Clean Your Life

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Throughout the start of 2019, I was feeling like I had neglected to look after myself – and I didn’t like it. I hadn’t spent time looking after my skin, my hair or even put much thought into the wellbeing of my mind. I found myself with acne, dry hair and struggling to fall asleep.

So I decided to make it my mission to put a little more time into looking after myself. I don’t have a problem with work/life balance, however, it is just the spare time I did find myself with, I had forgotten to use it on myself. I found myself with this exciting new platform, sharing and reading other people’s blogs that I lost myself in a never-ending social media hole.

Does this feeling ring a bell?

Have you forgotten to spend a little time on yourself?

Well now is a better time than ever to change things up, do a bit of self-spring cleaning and set yourself up for a healthy lifestyle in 2019.


Below are 5 ways in which you can get yourself together, try something new and spring clean your lifestyle.

1. ‘Fasting is like spring cleaning for your body’

Whilst I made the decision in February to pause my Intermittent Fasting (IF) journey, whilst I begin the journey to building more muscle, I still strongly believe in the power of 16:8 IF. I learnt that fasting can be seen as spring cleaning for the body – and I loved it. As a person who loves the thought of organising and cleaning, this quote was motivating and helped me feel more controlled about my life.
Are you feeling bloated, congested or feel like you have lost control of your life and food choices?
I recommend giving intermittent fasting a try and seeing the benefits for yourself – and this is coming from a strong breakfast lover. Fasting allows your body time to digest your food however also helps you triggers a process called ‘Autophagy‘. Autophagy is where cells self-digest, allowing the provision of necessary nutrients for essential processes – so it is the way our cells spring clean!

2. Implement Yoga into your weekly routine

About 2 years ago, probably what I would call my ‘prime’ or ‘peak’ routine a.k.a before revision, life and work took over, I was doing Yoga every morning. One day I decided to stop, and today I regret it. However, regret isn’t a healthy thing to hold on to – nor is stress, so starting this week Yoga is becoming part of my weekly lifestyle.

If you want to join me, I recommend heading over to Yoga with Adriene’s YouTube channel. Whilst I began my first experience of Yoga years ago on her 30-day challenge, sometimes it’s nice to run through the list and pick what is suiting you that day. Feeling stressed? Stress management 30-minute yoga coming right up! I can guarantee, if you are feeling it – Adriene has a video for it!
I am no longer going to sit around wishing I had carried it on, letting stress get the better of me, I am taking the steps to look after my body and mind and there is no better way than this!

3: Throw away the negativity, and fill your mind and life with healthy and motivational thoughts!

When we don’t look after our bodies and souls, negativity can creep up on us in the worst of times. 2018 found me experiencing stress attacks and the worst negativity I think I have ever felt! It was only when my mum commented to me one day, ‘You used to be my SpongeBob, but now you’re a Squidward‘ that I noticed what a negative nancy I had become!
I challenge you, as part of our lifestyle spring cleaning, to rid yourselves of that tendency to allow this negativity into your life. Live a healthier lifestyle by not letting the numbers in your life impact you, whether that be on a scale or a following on social media. Surrounded by other negative nancies? Toxic relationships, whether family, friends, offline or online, can form a constant cloud over your week.
Take the steps needed to throw away negativity from your life, and use the newly acquired space to invite positivity, love and motivation back in!

4. Organise this, and organise that!

I love to organise, whether it be a room or my inbox.

I know this isn’t a case for everyone, but I think the benefits out way spending a short amount of time sorting through your possessions. Is your workout clothing thrown on the floor or your gym essentials lost in your house? Take some time to sort your workout clothing, present it nicely and don’t forget to set them out the night before! Whilst this isn’t a direct self-care tip, the benefits that having an organised space can bring to a cluttered mind is unreal. Set yourself up a gym bag, so you know where everything is and make sure it is easy to grab on your way out.
Organise your life and organise your items and feel the control that will rush back into your life. Don’t forget that your environment and surroundings have a huge impact on the way you feel.


5. Spring clean the foods in your diet, by adding more valued foods in.

Last but not least, take a step back and review the foods that you eat. I don’t mean write everything down and set restrictions. Actually, this tip is the opposite! Let go of the restrictions holding you back from that slice of chocolate cake that you eye up on the way home every day, let go of the rules that stop you from going out to eat with your friends.
However, this post isn’t a one way trip to rubbish town! Self-care and our mindset is heavily linked to the food we eat, and who wants to feel sluggish and tired all the time? Whilst life is too short to not eat that biscuit, make sure you feel the majority of your meals with healthy and valuable foods that will help you feel energised and ready to tackle anything!
I cannot emphasise the importance of vegetables. I hated vegetables when I was younger, the thought of broccoli? Ew no. Ask me the same question in 2019 and I will probably laugh because vegetables make up the majority of my diet. (and maybe also peanuts) Find the ones you like, and eat a ton! Make sure to google recipes to keep mixing it up and to ensure you don’t get bored, or maybe even check out some food bloggers!

I will admit I am feeling motivated, in control and excited to look after myself even from just writing this post! If you have any of your own tips or try any of the above, please feel free to leave a comment or message me on social media – I would love to implement more into my week.

Self-care is so so important, and I hope you all spend some time thinking more about how you spend your week, and whether you cut some time out from scrolling through Instagram to go on a walk or whether you try out a new recipe – I hope you feel amazing throughout!
Till next time my friends!
-Millie 🙂
This is a guest post by Millie from MSBLife.
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