I’ve been suffering from panic attacks for almost seven years now. Even though it’s a lot better nowadays, it still effects me in my daily life. However, what helped me the most to deal with it and what I truly love a lot is travelling. Thus I decided to share with you, how my passion to travel has helped me to cure my panic attacks.

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My First Solo Trip

It was around two years ago when I decided to do my first solo trip ever. Although I didn’t feel very good that time because of my panic attacks. Nevertheless, I booked a flight to Italy anyway. My passion to see the world was just too strong.

The day before my journey started was the worst day ever and I can remember it very well. I was extremely worried and started to panic. Moreover, I almost cancelled my flight due to my nervousness. However, I gathered all my courage and went to the airport the next day where I boarded the plane to Italy. Frankly, I had a really great time there and I enjoyed this trip very much, despite all the fear of not feeling good. Of course, there were moments I felt very overwhelmed and anxious, but the same time I was very proud about myself. Proud, that I managed to take a solo trip despite my bad mental condition.


What Did I Learn From It?

After this solo trip to Rome I grew a lot. Not only did I become more outgoing, self-confident and relaxed with my situation, but my passion to travel became even stronger. I felt with every trip I became more and more secure and started worrying less. Before I couldn’t imagine going somewhere without taking all my medicine with me and I always had to mentally prepare myself.

The more journeys I took the more I learned about myself and how to handle difficult situations regarding panic attacks. Today going somewhere is not a big deal anymore because I got really used to it. I think because I did so many solo trips already, I know exactly what I’m capable of.

Moreover, I experienced how helpful and kind people are around the world. Everytime I went somewhere, people were more than happy to help me in any difficult situation. Especially this taught me, that no matter where I go, I’m never completely alone and there’ll be always a helpful person near me. That’s something that gives me a good feeling and makes me feel safe during my travels too.


I hope this blog helped you and provided some insight on how travel has helped me cure my panic attacks


This was a guest post by Alina from WorldOfLina.

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  1. This is awesome! I have really bad anxiety too. It can be difficult to navigate. Ive always wanted to try a solo trip but been too scared. I hope someday I find the guts to do it!

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