Okay yes, I swear by working out. Personally, I enjoy weightlifting. But the key to getting in shape and making fitness a consistent part of your life is not hating what you’re doing and then making that thing a habit.

Working out, especially if you’re first starting, can be extremely daunting. I know, I’ve been there. So, take fitness out of the equation for now. These are a few things I’ve found that have truly benefitted my overall health!



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Ways To Benefit Your Health

Daily Gratitude

Recently I purchased a Start Today journal. There are tons of benefits of using this journal, but for this particular point, I am just referencing the “5 things I am grateful for” portion. I journal in the morning and it takes about 5 minutes. Ideally, mornings are best as it starts your day out with a grateful heart, and for me, a level of peace and patience I may not have had otherwise. Don’t just think the grateful things, actually write them down. Physically seeing them in front of you is so much more impactful.




Drink Water

I swear by an 8oz glass as soon as you get up in the morning. Before any coffee or food, drink water. When we wake up after (hopefully) 8 hours of sleep, we are already dehydrated. This is the easiest and most beneficial thing you can do to start making healthy choices throughout your day.



Goals List

I don’t like to think of it as a to do list because that’s not conducive to being fired up for the day. I physically write down the work-related goals and the chore goals I want to get done that day. I even like to include some fun goals too! This list usually includes 2-4 work related, 2-3 house related, and at least one fun goal like reading a book or watching guilty pleasure tv (Bachelor fans anyone?) Note: I work from home, so this accountability for work tasks is crucial for me. However, it is absolutely applicable to other professions.




Fruit Or Veggies

Ideally you eat both (one of each) but I want these tips to be easy enough to ease into without feeling like you’re changing everything at once. I’m not even telling you to substitute your normal food for fruit or veggies, just add them in as extra. Whichever you like best, find at least one fruit or one veggie you enjoy. Mine are strawberries with breakfast and asparagus with dinner!



Find Your Disconnect

Mine is reading. It is the only thing that allows me to completely disconnect from my phone. I exclusively purchase actual books because ebooks still have me on my phone and I’ll be too tempted to check that notification that comes in. Maybe for you it’s meditating, going for a walk, or adult coloring books etc. Find whatever it is and set aside time for it as often as you can!


Fitness has made a huge difference in my life but jumping all in at once can be wildly overwhelming. However, slowly implementing any or all of these 5 habits can help you ease in to personal growth which will allow other aspects of your life to blossom as well. I challenge you to try at least two of these habits for an entire week and see if you’re feeling refreshed, accomplished, and ready to tackle more goals!


-Morgan Smith



This was a guest post by Morgan from TheRelatableRed.

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