I think this collection was actually a Holiday 2018 Collection but I bought it somewhat later when it was discounted. Even though, I didn’t buy it immediately, I’ve always been interested in the whole bundle. The bundle arrived a couple of weeks ago and I have been using the products since then so I can give you my thoughts on them.


When you buy the Glam Bible Bundle, it comes in a cute book kind of packaging. When you open it, this is all that you see. The products:

  • 6-Pan Eyeshadow Palette
    Femme: matte creamy ivory
    Risqué: matte rose
    Fatale: metallic smokey silver
    Antique: matte warm grey
    Exotic: matte warm brown
    Dark: matte black
  • Blush
  • Highlighter
  • Crème Lipsticks

             Classic icon 1: warm mid-tone nude

             Classis icon 2: warm pink nude

  • Lip liner
  • Gloss
  • Eyeliner (black)
  • Mascara (black)
  • Lashes

The bundle retails for $150. It’s also possible to get the products individually if you don’t want everything. However, the lashes are not available individually. 



Blush & Highlighter

The blush and highlighter are very versatile shades which a lot of people can wear. The blush is a very pretty peachy nude and the highlighter is a gorgeous champagne. Both are looking very small when you have them in your hand so don’t expect a huge compact. However, you don’t need much product when applying them. The blush might be a little too pigmented because I only have to touch it very softly with the tip of my blush brush to get enough product. But both the blush and highlighter work pretty good with my skin tone which is very nice. I love using them!

Just to be a little picky: I kinda hate the packaging now I have acrylics lol. It’s so hard to open these! I almost broke a nail while opening them so you have to be careful if you have long nails just like me.



Classic Icon 1 + 2

The bundle also contains 2 very pretty lipstick shades. A lighter and a darker shade but both are nude shades. I was slightly disappointed when I saw them since I expected them to be more pinkish instead of brown. However, I think they’re still very beautiful and if I don’t wear them I’m gifting them to my mom.

The formula is very creamy and they’re pigmented. I don’t like the smell of them though, kinda smells like kids make-up. Because they’re creamier they last a little bit less long than a matte lipstick but they stay on pretty well.




This lipgloss is a pretty peachy nude. The formula is nice, not too sticky and it applies easily. However, I prefer the Kylie Cosmetics High Glosses since they feel more hydrating than the KKW Beauty one for example.



6-pan Eyeshadow Palette

A very simple but pretty eyeshadow palette. You can create a smokey eye or a more neutral eye which I think is cute. It’s easy to travel with since it’s small but still has variety. However, I would’ve loved one extra metallic shade in this palette. 

The shadows are very pigmented and easy to use. I think this could be a very nice palette if you’re just starting with make-up. Easy to blend, easy to create multiple looks. I like it!




I have to admit that I haven’t been able to try these out yet since I don’t have any lash glue. Moreover, I’ve never used fake lashes before so I can’t really tell if they look good or not. But in my opinion, they look pretty good in the packaging. Can’t wait to try them on my eyes!



Lip liner

I’m really into lip liners lately so I have been trying out different brands a lot. This lip liner is very creamy and I love the color! It’s just a simple, good lip pencil. 

You might see that I didn’t include the eyeliner and mascara (Beauty Battle) but I have blog posts coming soon where I’m comparing them with other brands.


Top to bottom: Lipliner, Lipgloss, Classic Icon 1 and Classic Icon 2
Top to bottom: Lip liner, Lipgloss, Classic Icon 1, Classic Icon 2, the blush and the highlighter
The 6-pan eyeshadow palette

The collection is only available on the KKW Beauty website


Thank you for reading,

Xoxo Simone


This was a guest post by Simone from BeautyMone.

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