Hey, so just to start I will introduce myself! My name is Chantelle and I blog over at https://thatyorkshiregirlchantelle.com. As I’m sure you can gather from the name I am from Yorkshire, Leeds to be precise.

I was recently lucky enough to receive some fake lashes and accessories from the guys over at Fake Lashes, the brand being KoKo Lashes. Until recently I have never been a big lashes wearer. But, I do find myself wearing them more and more nowadays!


A Little About KoKo Lashes

So, let me start with a little more info on the brand, KoKo Lashes! Firstly, they are an American brand, with over 50 incredible lash styles! Important to mention, they are all made from high quality synthetic fibres and human hair, therefore they are a cruelty-free brand.

All you have to do is take a quick look at their social media channels to see how large their following is! With a whole range of different of different styles to choose from, ranging from dramatic to softer more natural looks.


My Opinions Of The Lashes

Just to point out, the two styles of lashes that I received to try out were both quite dramatic, which for me was pretty perfect. As I wear glasses lashes aren’t something I wear on a day-to-day basic, I keep them more for going out or on special occasions. In which case I am usually looking for something a little more a little more out there and with a little more volume.

This is probably a good time to mention to two different styles that I received. These were Queen B and Goddess. The ones I am wearing in the picture below are Goddess.

For me, I found these ok to put on, I also received a lash applicator which I have been searching for ages to get a good one! I found that the lash band was a little stiff at first, but I gave it a little wiggle to loosen it up and they were fine! I used Duo glue as this is just my favourite. One thing that I will mention is that next time I wear them I will definitely cut them down a little. 100% I left them a little too long and the inner bit of my eye just wasn’t sitting right!

But that is my mistake! Nothing to do with the actual lashes. I found with this glue they stayed on amazingly well all night! Also the quality of them feels really lush and high end, which makes me think that these will definitely last a good while! Which makes them really good value for money. I would definitely buy from this brand again!

Most importantly how they look on! Honestly, I loved them, I think they suited me well… If I do say so myself! Making my eyes look wider and they just really drew attention to my eyes which I liked! This is my experience using the style Goddess, I haven’t got round to using Queen B yet!

Overall, their like not too over the top dramatic, for me they are more of a night time lash. But saying that for someone who wears lashes everyday these would work really well as an everyday pair. I think as I don’t wear them too much just any look quite dramatic to me.

Usually I’m and Eyelure kind of girl, so it was nice to try something a little different out.



– Chantelle



This was a guest post by Chantelle from That Yorkshire Girl Chantelle

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