What is the No Spend Challenge? 

Well not as simple as it sounds! You commit to your regular monthly payments. Maintain your rent, mortgage and all household bills and credit card repayments. The challenge involves all of those extra expenses. A latte here and doughnut there. Or even worse a new skirt for work – because its for work so it doesn’t count! These are all expenses that we can find hard to face up to. By stopping them completely for a week, month or even a year it can help pause the spending without any guilt or blame.

Why start the challenge?

We started because of an accident which resulted in us being a lot less self-sufficient and not having the money to pay someone else to help out. This was a shock as we both work full time and have no children. Rather than start pointing fingers or keeping all receipts for a month we needed something that would help. The No Spend Challenge, for us, works as a financial cleanse.

Rules to follow

We set our own rules, as should you! So in discussion with your partner or children work out what will work for you all. Simple rules for us are;

  1. Go prepared when leaving the house, take drinks and any food needed
  2. Reuse what we already have, if we need anything new we can wait and see if a friend or family member has one we can borrow
  3. We spend money on experiences for the children in our family and not actual ‘things’
  4. Look to reduce our transport costs by lift sharing, public transport or bike riding.Where possible, but we still have to get to work!
  5. No new clothes, make up or shoes etc. This rule applies to our entire year long challenge, but we are ok with second hand charity shop type options!

Keep motivated!

By telling friends and family and joining a community of others we are able to commit ourselves more fully! We have our goal of buying a smallholding and are working towards that in our day to day life. We hope to keep scouring freecycle and facebook groups for equipment which needs a little tweak, or that can be repurposed. It has transformed our life and our opportunities. If this sounds like an option for you, check out all the support you can find online and then think about forming a local group, meeting in your local library as a free venue!!





This was a guest post by Alex from The Mini Smallholder

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