Africa is one of the most beautiful continents to visit because of its rich and untouched natural beauty! Some countries in Africa have also preserved their cultural traditions and this becomes such a huge tourist attraction activity. Take an example of the Maasaiin Kenya who are known for their traditional fabric, the Maasaishukaand also their cultural dances. 

I like to think that if reincarnation is true and by some stroke of luck I get to choose what I’d like to come back as, it would be as a bird. Imagine being an eagle and being able to soar borders even without having to worry about things like visas, weak passports and ticket prices? Oh my! I would roam the world! And start of from Africa.

Well, here is a list of 5 amazing countries you would love to visit in Africa to experience luxury or even safaris:


Want to go on a wildlife safari, a cultural or historical trip, or even a beach vacation? Then Kenya is the place to be.

Kenya boasts of its amazing wildlife, starting from the famous Big Five to the endangered species like the White Rhino and flamingoes; the sandy beaches along the Coast of Kenya, iconic landmarks like the Rift Valley and Mount Kenya, the deep Maasai culture and even the lucrative luxurious hotels!

Good enough, travelling around Kenya is safe and can even be made easier by travel agencies like Bonfire Adventures.

Things to do in Kenya

  • Visit the Maasai Mara for a balloon ride and witnessing the magnificent wildebeest migration.
  • Dine in Villa Rosa Kempinski for a luxurious stay.
  • Eat Kenyan cuisine at Jukwaa Lounge
  • Visit Giraffe Manor.
  • Go deep sea diving at Diani beach.


What is Zanzibar known for?

The scenic white sandy beaches and warm tropical ocean waters with breathtaking marine life and underwater world, the rich history and culture of the locals, the famous spices, beautiful lodges and resorts and even the interesting wildlife reserves.  

Want to experience the Caribbean in Africa? Then Zanzibar with all its luxurious atmosphere will suit your interest.

Things to do in Zanzibar

  • Enjoy the water world. For example: go parasailing, scuba diving, kayaking and even sailing.
  • Take photos of the unique architectural buildings in the local towns.
  • Visit spice plantations and enjoy spicy traditionally-prepared dishes.
  • Take long beach walks.
  • Visit the Jozani forest reserves.


The tiny island in the Indian Ocean is another great travel destination in Africa.

Mauritius has remarkable nature reserves, botanical gardens, waterfalls and tropical forests for you to explore. You can go zip lining or hiking through the forests or have water sports in the ocean.

Things to do in Mauritius

  • Enjoy the diverse Mauritian cuisine.
  • Go on the largest Hindu pilgrimage during Maha Shivaratri.
  • Play golf at the Gymkhana Golf Club.
  • Explore local markets.
  • Go snorkeling and sailing to smaller neighboring islands.
  • Buy the seven colored sands of Chamarel as your souvenir.


Want to walk on white sandy beaches that are totally untouched and so clean? Feel the cool ocean breeze and watch the swinging of palm trees? Then Seychelles is the place to be!

With weather that is beautiful all year round, you will love to experience your holidays in Seychelles. And if you would use a private luxurious experience in Africa, then Seychelles has to be on your bucket list!

Things to do in Seychelles

  • Taste the yummy Creole food.
  • See giant tortoises.
  • What about the naughty legendary nut at Coco de Mer? Yes, please!
  • Visit Vallee de Mai and the Aldabra Atoll.
  • Experience some Creole festival.


While many people visit Morocco to experience the most magnificent desert experience, there is so much more to do in Morocco.

Things to do in Morocco

  • Go on a desert safari in the Sahara on a camel caravan.
  • Visit the most beautiful mosque in Morocco, the Hassan II Mosque.
  • Visit Majorelle Garden.
  • Go on a balloon ride.
  • Stay at a Riad.
  • Go treasure hunting in Medina.


There are so many hidden gems in Africa and you would definitely want to experience what this mother continent has to offer!



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