In recent years, Morocco has steadily grown in popularity as a top tourist destination. From the winding streets of the Medinas in Fez and Marrakech, to the vast and mysterious Saharan desert, to the romantic ocean side of Casablanca, there’s plenty to draw your attention.

If you’ve decided to visit Morocco, you might be wondering when you should visit. Luckily for you, many people say that there’s no bad time to make your way to this Northwestern African country. I’m inclined to agree with them! Still, here are a few of the peak times to visit Morocco based on your interests.


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A Moroccan Desert Experience – April/May

Although you can rarely visit the desert any time of the year, the temperatures in the spring time tend to be most comfortable. Remember that deserts get crazy hot in the daytime, BUT also crazy cold in the evening. When the sun sets and the wind starts to pick up, you’ll want to have lots of layers. Visiting in the hottest seasons can exacerbate the daytime sun. Visiting in winter months means those night times might get extremely cold.


Exploring the Medinas and City Centers – October

This time of the year, Morocco is a bit cooler and there’s less rain. If you’re looking for a full day of sight-seeing in the city centres, you definitely don’t want to be carrying an umbrella. With all the high walls lining the streets, it can make things a bit crowded and even hotter. When it’s extremely hot it can also be less enjoyable to leisurely explore. Springtime is a pretty good time to visit for comfortable temperatures too.


Coastal Life – Summertime! 

If you want to hit the beaches, obviously the warmer the weather, the more you’ll want to soak up the sun on the sand. That said, Morocco lies right on the Atlantic Ocean, so the water tends to be warmer than the Pacific Ocean. So if you’re use to the chilly Pacific you might find yourself swimming comfortably year-round.


Culture and Architecture – Ramadan

Many Moroccans are practicing Islam. So Ramadan can be an especially great time to visit if you want to immerse yourself in the religious culture. Muslims adhere to a lunar calendar  which bumps Ramadan forward ten days each year. You’ll have to see when it falls on the year you plan to visit. Tourists are not expected to fast the way Muslims are (from sunup to sundown). However, you might notice some changes like shops being closed, or upscale restaurants not serving alcohol.


Atlas Mountains – Winter or Summer

I visited the Atlas Mountains during the spring time. It was beautiful, but pretty chilly on the mountain tops. If you want to hike around in warmer temperatures, summer is definitely your best bet. If you’re more into snow and winter hiking, you can get incredible views of the Atlas Mountains then as well.


As you can see there is so much to do in Morocco, no matter your interest. You’ll probably have an incredible time in Morocco no matter when you visit. Make sure you consider what you want to see and go from there. I can’t recommend Morocco enough!



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