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10 Sweet Thanksgiving Cobbler Desserts

No matter what the flavour is, cobblers make perfect dessert after thanksgiving dinner – my personal favourite is an apple cobbler. Impress your guests this thanksgiving by choosing from this list of 10 sweet thanksgiving cobbler desserts. Enjoy!

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1. Autumn Spice Pear Cobbler

Article image from – bakeorbreak

Sweet pears and a wonderful, warm blend of spices combine for this simple and delicious Autumn Spice Pear Cobbler.

Get the full recipe here.


2. Southern Peach Cobbler

Article image from – gonnawantseconds

The Best Southern Peach Cobbler! Loaded with juicy, fresh peaches with just the right amount of spices, and the perfect cakey topping with crisp, sugary edges!

Get the full recipe here.


3. Caramel Apple Cobbler

Article image from – wineandglue

This Caramel Apple Cobbler Recipe is the perfect combination of delicious tart apples coated in cinnamon and smooth homemade caramel, all in an amazing warm apple cobbler, made from scratch! Its the old fashioned apple cobbler recipe you are looking for.

Get the full recipe here.


4. Strawberry and Rhubarb Cobbler

Article image from – anniesnoms

Sweet strawberries and tart rhubarb are married together with a crisp, yet fluffy top to make this sublime cobbler which you’ll make again and again!

Get the full recipe here.


5. Blackberry Cobbler

Article image from – livewellbakeoften

This Blackberry Cobbler features a sweet blackberry filling and a cinnamon sugar biscuit topping. You can even use frozen blackberries in this cobbler so you can enjoy it all year long!

Get the full recipe here.


6. Apple Cinnamon Roll Cobbler

Article image from – cocoandash

Get the full recipe here.


7. Berry Cobbler

Article image from – myhomebasedlife

Easy Berry Cobbler takes the best berries out there and helps create a scrumptious dessert that you just can’t find at a restaurant. Yes, your friends, family, and guests will be ranting and raving about this flavorsome concoction.

Get the full recipe here.


8. Pumpkin Pie Pecan Cobbler

Article image from – togetherasfamily

Pumpkin pie pecan cobbler is so quick & easy! A creamy pumpkin pie layer with a sweet spiced pecan crumble topping. Serve with a scoop of vanilla ice cream for the best pumpkin cobbler recipe that’s perfect for Fall. 

Get the full recipe here.


9. Cranberry Orange Cobbler

Article image from – butterwithasideofbread

Cranberry Orange Cobbler is easily made with a muffin mix, fresh cranberries and orange juice – it’s the perfect Thanksgiving dessert!

Get the full recipe here.


10. Snickerdoodle Apple Cobbler

Article image from – yellowblissroad

Sweet, tender baked apples with a crunchy Snickerdoodle cookie crumble topping – This Snickerdoodle Apple Cobbler has just the right amount of sweet and tart, and is the perfect warm dessert for fall.

Get the full recipe here.



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