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15 Deliciously Healthy Energy Balls

If you need a quick snack, these 15 deliciously healthy energy balls will do the trick! Enjoy.


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1. Peanut Butter Energy Balls

No Bake 5 Ingredient Peanut Butter Energy Bites. Loaded with old fashioned oats, peanut butter and flax seeds. A healthy protein packed breakfast or snack!

2. Oatmeal Cookie Energy Balls

No bake oatmeal cookie love! These Fully LOADED No Bake Oatmeal Cookie Energy Bites are a gluten free no bake lunchbox treat!  Healthy, easy to make, and wholesome. Blended maple glazed nuts, chocolate chips, oats, peanut butter, and cranberries all combined to taste just like oatmeal cookies but in energy bite form. Vegan friendly and delicious.

3. Carrot Oat Energy Balls

This recipe started for carrot oat energy bites started as a foray into healthy Christmas food ideas, but honestly, these balls don’t need to be kept for Christmas time, so whether you have popped over to my site to find the reindeer food or to find a lower sugar nut free ball, do not panic. You are in the right place for both.

4. Nutella Chia Energy Balls

Nutella Chia Energy Bites – My all time favourite energy snack. These bliss balls only take 5min to make and are packed with protein and gluten-free.

5. Vegan Snickerdoodle Energy Balls

These vegan snickerdoodle energy bites taste just like a cookie but are actually healthy and nutritious. They’re the perfect snack for anyone on-the-go!

6. Chocolate & Peanut Butter Energy Balls

Chocolate and peanut butter energy bites- they require only 5 ingredients and quickly will become one of the easiest, and most addictive snacks you will ever make!

7. Cranberry Energy Bites

No Bake Cranberry Energy Bites with Coconut make the perfect healthy grab & go snack. Best of all, easy to make with just 7 ingredients with video! Gluten free, dairy free & refined sugar free. Plus Video!

8. Oatmeal Energy Balls

These delicious Oatmeal Energy  balls are the perfect healthy snack. Simple to make and so tasty..

9. Dark Chocolate Coconut Brownie Bites

These Dark Chocolate Coconut Brownie Bites are made with just dates, almonds, walnuts, cocoa powder, and unsweetened coconut and they taste just like brownie bites!

10. Pumpkin Pie Bites

These No Bake Pumpkin Pie Bites are made with a few basic ingredients and are a fabulous way to use up that huge can of pumpkin puree you have hanging around in your fridge. Plus, they are a tad healthier than having a big hunk of pumpkin pie (which I love, by the way). Fair warning – you just may want to eat more than one!

11. Matcha Green Tea Energy Bites

A delicious blend of green tea and coconut, these Matcha Green Tea Energy Bites are a perfect way to perk you up any time of the day! Plus, this recipe requires less than 5 minutes to make! It’s also refined sugar-free, dairy-free, gluten-free and Paleo friendly.

12. Banana Oat Energy Bites

Energy bars are so great for a quick, convenient, on-the-go breakfast or snack, but they’re not so great for those of us who are vigilant about what we put in our bodies. After all, how do we really know what’s in them? An easy answer— by making them ourselves! It’s easier and faster than we ever would have thought, thanks to this recipe for no-bake, make-ahead bites that even have a little touch of chocolate. Watch how easily they come together.

13. Coconut & Ginger Energy Bites

Energy Balls are the answer to all of my snacking problems. I make sure to always have a batch of these protein packed bites in the freezer so when my stomach starts to growl, or I am experiencing one of my 6pm ravenous states, they are on hand and ready to eat.

14. Honey Nut Vanilla Energy Bites

Quick and easy homemade energy bites.  Soft, chewy and deliciously packed with protein, fiber and nutrients, these No Bake Honey Nut Vanilla Protein Energy Bites only require 6 ingredients and are perfect for snacking on the go!

15. Apple Chai Energy Bites

These Apple Chai Energy Balls are made with rolled oats, dried apples, chai spices, and an almond butter base for a healthy fall sweet treat!



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