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10 Cartoon Animal How To Drawings

Learn how to draw cute cartoon animals with these step by step guides. These tutorials are not only easy to follow, but they’re also suitable for kids and adults. Have fun deciding which tutorial to follow, they’re all great!

1. Cartoon Hippo

2. Cartoon Whale

3. Cartoon Crab

4. Cartoon Hedgehog

5. Cartoon Husky

6. Cartoon Pug

7. Cartoon Bunny

8. Cartoon Mouse

9. Cartoon Cow

10. Cartoon Elephant




  • Liz Rushman

    I love your animal drawings. How do I learn how to do them. Do you have a book telling me how draw them ? Thank you so much !

    • Queen liz

      These are amazing!

  • Sandy

    Way to go ~ very nice basic tutorial! My group of three learned how to draw the Husky.

  • shanelle hedgmon

    it is hard

  • Christian

    wow this was like amazing

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